Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thinking Openly

by Loretta Moore

I was in a capsule of innocence and willingness…
It was a period of the undisclosed future,
before the schisms and failure, waiting-
I now find myself at those locations,
having traveled to those paths.
Curiously, nothing warns of life’s true
difficulties ahead, the past holds a re-
collection of innocent light, glimpses inside
that timid horizon. Wistful and yearning and
sorrow-filled, I turn to mystery in a
bold atmosphere prepared to hurl at pleasure,
to instances recessed in my prior joyous
The indefinable adversarial force idles, while
I appeal to the disrespectful goal present in living to STOP!
Take me to a superior moment, a realm of
superb reason, from this place trapping hollowness…
I’ll put my arms snugly around peace and
truth, a grain in the wilderness of life. 

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