Sunday, 28 May 2017

Forest Sounds

by Barbara Walker

When all the noise, the clamor,
the busyness of life,
weighs down upon my soul,
I long for the serenity that can be found
high in the mountains, among the majestic trees,
where I love to hear the forest sounds.

I, happily, exchange the raucousness of cars
and the incessant ringing of the phone,
for the clamor of the squirrels,
the owl’s solemn cries,
the wind, as it moans
and the chorus of the crickets,
singing lullabies.

* * * * *

Barbara Walker lives in Arizona where she is mesmerized by the gorgeous sunsets. Her poem, "Diagnosis", was first published in World Poetry Movements anthology, "Stars in Our Hearts" in 2012. In 2010, A Word With You Press, published her short, short story, "My First Car", in their anthology, "The Coffee Shop Chronicles. In 2012, Spruce Mountain Press published Barbara's short story, "Jack Remembered" in their "Heartscapes, True Stories of Remembered Love", edited by Kate Harper and Leon Marasco. Several of her poems were published in various magazines. 

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