Monday, 29 May 2017


by Barbara Walker

After the exam,
she showed pictures
of my bones to me.
As I looked at them,
I thought,
what a perfect metaphor
for my life;
structure isn’t sound,
so little support,
where it is needed
and the spacing
between support,
so very far apart.
Sad to say,
it looked as if,
it would crumble
in a light breeze and there
I’d be.

* * * * *

"Diagnosis" was first published in World Poetry Movements anthology, "Stars in Our Hearts" in 2012. 

Barbara Walker now lives in Arizona where she is mesmerized by the gorgeous sunsets. In 2010, A Word With You Press, published her short, short story, "My First Car", in their anthology, "The Coffee Shop Chronicles. In 2012, Spruce Mountain Press published Barbara's short story, "Jack Remembered" in their "Heartscapes, True Stories of Remembered Love", edited by Kate Harper and Leon Marasco. Several of her poems were published in various magazines. 

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