Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thirteen things on my important list today:

1 - He told me his favorite moments yesterday on the mesa were watching the wind flow through the grass. No wonder I am in love.

2 - Washing my hair.

3 - Yesterday an early morning black bear on the mountain road.

4 - The wilderness.

5 - Kids race at the Tour de Gila today: All the little kids had finished the race, including two very late stragglers, when a tiny girl in tears belatedly came struggling along the second leg of the race, a male adult more or less pushing her along, but she was still pedaling. I don't know what had happened, but the crowd of people cheered and rang bells and she finished the race. And I have hope for the human race--we do want each other to succeed. We are awesome!

6 - There has been a riot of roses for over two weeks now.

7 - The sudden scent of sap in sunlight.

8 - The tapestry of people making things possible for one another, for example building mountain roads. And cars.

9 - A blessing: May your path be lined with daisies.

10 - Thinking about my mother.

11 - Goodbye to most of Orion this week (except for the northeast shoulder, Bellatrix).

12 - Getting ready to go dancing.

13 - Be important today.

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