Sunday, 22 May 2016

So--what about men who write in a woman's voice? Can they be trusted? It seems to be a current trend, and some of the men writing are astonishingly accurate. Others--huh. I find a lot of benevolent contempt, patronizing pats on the back, and an overabundance of women characterized as casually lusty and gun-slinging. Perhaps more male fantasy than female spirit? And then there is the eternal theme of women competing for men. Usually a lovely blonde and a fiery brunette. Also mostly male fantasy, I think.

Of course men have written in a woman's voice for the past five thousand years or so, and have more or less told women what women think and who women are, until we've largely believed it.

And of course I've written in a man's voice from time to time. I guess it has to be done, and done daringly, if you want to say anything at all.

And then there are writers who write in the voice of dogs and cats and so forth.

All I hope for is that we might all write with respect and admiration and support for each other in this already somewhat complicated life.

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