Thursday, 19 May 2016

Assertiveness training? There's nothing intrinsically bad about it. Only sometimes it seems to be just another trick by the bullies or other entitled entities in the world to make it your responsibility and now they don't have to do anything further except ride their usual wave entitlement. They do not thoughtfully have to volunteer justice or consideration. After all, you could always ask.

It isn't quite fair.

First they teach you modesty, and then you're supposed to be assertive, or else you only have yourself to blame.

It reminds me a bit of sex education for women: first you ought to be all virginal in body and spirit, but then with a marriage license in hand, suddenly you're expected to be hot.

Back to assertiveness, though. I've noticed, too, that you can indeed ask for things. But even in the very best case scenario, you may get what you ask for, but it may not be what you really wanted.

We all want love above all, and that's not some commodity you can simply ask for.

Spread some love today.

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