Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Voice of Importance

We have been given this language, this throat, this tongue, these tools, pens, paper, computers, and for me it is time to write in a woman's voice. If I am lucky, I'll egg on a few others along the way.

So, yeah, we're given this language, and then we are taught to use it to concur in lies and untruths we've also been taught along with the language.

The number one lie is that whatever we do is not that important. Beauty isn't that important. Love isn't that important. War is. Politics is. Hunger is. Especially other people's hunger.

I want to learn here that our voices are important, our much-decried feelings are important. Anger is important. Tenderness is important. I want to unravel the shroud that has been placed around our importance even as we still live, but making us feel as though we are perhaps not quite alive, taking up too much space, are too loud, etc. when more important things are going down.

Anger is important. Love is important. Sequins are important. Dance is important. Chocolates are important. Injustice is important.

You name it. Unravel the shroud. Find what is important.

It will give you a jolt, a gentle breathlessness. At least I hope it is gentle. Follow that feeling.

You have to start somewhere.

Be important today.

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