Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Between anger and gratitude is where many women's voices reside. It isn't so much that anger is forbidden to women, it's more like it doesn't seem to be a very natural thing for us. Anger is at times necessary; some say it is the guidepost that tells us where we should not be in the first place. The more natural thing seems to be, though, to lean over the cauldron of gratitude and inhale its mists. Or perhaps that's simply the more desirable thing.

For me, current gratitude includes the freshly experienced first three days of sudden summer, as well as all the places where my work was published in May (yay!):

Mad Swirl posted my poem "Of Beggars and Foxes" (May 31, 2016).
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily published my poem "Xanthippe" (May 30, 2016).
The Write Place at the Write Time published my poems "Aubade" and "The Knight and the Lady of the Well" (May 22, 2016).
The Linnet's Wings published my cameo poem "Galileo" in its Just Like Peer Gynt edition (Summer 2016).
My poem "That Day" was re-published in River Poet Journal's 2016 Special Edition A Collection of Signature Poems.
The Open Mouse posted my poem "If" (May 3, 2016).