Monday, 22 May 2023

love songs & dusty roads

by Nina Heiser

oh love do you remember
days of rain
by the river
in the woodlands

where we found
laid out the bones of a moose
in the muddy shallows
of the beaver pond on Isabel’s trail

in late summer
when love splashed fresh and cold
against a random tumble
of granite boulders

copper in the sunlight
those pockets where we
let ourselves be
on the east branch

of the river coursing
through virgin forest
in search of sea
here we found

shelter from long
now the dust has settled
because of you

I stand outside 
to see the night 
until if the sky is clear
a star appears      

I hear you tell me
how you love me
and sometimes
I see it

* * * * *

Nina Heiser is a poet, writer and retired journalist currently living in central Florida and
Western New York. Her work has appeared in Tuck Magazine, Cadence, the Florida
State Poets Association Anthology, Vociferous Press anthology Screaming from the
Silence, Embark Literary Journal
, and Gargoyle Magazine. Her poetry and photographs
have been featured in Pendemics Journal and Of Poets & Poetry.

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