Monday, 15 May 2023


Little Madonna

by K Roberts

She dreams in color. Swirling opal mists,
brilliant scarlet flames with yellow
middles. Her red dress shatters
when bystanders look at it.
Luminous spotlights
halo her in blueish-white.  Magnetic rays
crackle in the sky. She wakes

pillowed under a window, sunlight
burning her cheeks
her younger sister moaning
next to her in bed. Throws her left
arm up to cover her face, rubs
her belly mountain. The slippers
wait in a corner, ready for her
swollen feet and the long
wobbly walk to the bathroom.

* * * * *

K Roberts is a professional non-fiction writer, a published artist, and a first reader for the literary magazines Nunum and After Dinner Conversation. Recent poetry has appeared in VoiceCatcherEthel, Decolonial Passage, and the Journal of Undiscovered Poets.

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