Sunday 19 February 2023


Inspiration Point

by Jane Muschenetz

In this version of history, Marge
never went to college; Marge went to college briefly; Marge went to
an all-girls college in the Roaring 1920’s /
in pre-revolution Iran / in 2022 Afghanistan / in 2005 Harvard,
when the school’s President attributed underrepresentation
of women in
science to:

“…different availability of aptitude at the high end… a level of commitment
that a much higher fraction of married men have been historically prepared to make than of married women.”

Controversy arose
when Marge wore pants / rode a bike / drove a car / played baseball / practiced medicine;
Marge was jailed / sent to an asylum for reading too much and managing
her own finances; Marge was rich and White;
Marge was poor and White; Marge was rich and Latina /
Latina and gay / Black / Indigenous / Jewish / Muslim…
Marge went to a Catholic boarding school / a convent / a convention /
the 1977 National Women’s Conference; she participated
in the women councils that governed ancient civilizations alongside the men;
Marge studied art and mothering, gave birth
to astrophysics, Jesus, and software engineering;
walked alone late at night through the city center /
the college campus / the parking lot / the grocery store / the corn field /
the timeline
                        (oh the magnificent view!)



[1]Harvard President Summers’ Remarks About Women in Science, Engineering,” PBS News Radio Hour, Feb 22, 2005,

* * * * *

Ukrainian-born, Russian-speaking Jew, Jane Muschenetz came to the US as a child refugee from the USSR. Her first chapbook, All the Bad Girls Wear Russian Accents, is forthcoming in 2023 (Kelsay Books). Connect with Jane at, and in various publications.

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