Saturday, 28 May 2022

Spring Clean-up

by Linda Trott Dickman

The ground hasn’t seen it in so long. The ivy, the bramble, the wisteria, choking life, movement, new growth. Today, the light played. It poured over the ancient brick fireplace, uncovering more than memories. It cascaded over the barn showing the faded red, in need of painting.
The heirloom jonquils spread their arms waving to the daffodils hemming the foundation.
Trees drank it in, feeling the breeze on their skin warming to the idea of spring.
The truck left once, twice, three times. With it, went the tangle of hurt, the ache of loss, the pain of plans never realized.

* * * * *

Linda Trott Dickman has been writing poetry since she was ten years old.  She is a recently retired school librarian.  Linda is the author of Robes: The Art of Being Covered, The Air That I Breathe and Road Trip, Road Trip-On the Road Again. Linda’s poetry has been published on-line, in several anthologies, international journals.  She is the coordinator of poetry for the Northport Arts Coalition (Northport, NY). Linda teaches at the Walt Whitman Birthplace and leads a poetry workshop for adults at Samantha’s Li’l Bit O’ Heaven coffee house in East Northport, NY.

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  1. Pure delight, Linda. Light, sun, warmth. Freedom. Renewal. Coming alive. I want to come back to live inside this poem. Janet Clare F.