Sunday 1 May 2022


I Will Take You In

by Victoria Twomey

the heavens cover me like a sleeping baby
with a star-dappled blanket,
the color of night

the sun worships me as a wildflower goddess
spreading its golden dress in a shimmering curtsy at dawn
and bowing its head with respect at dusk

with my two loving open palms,
my acres of gently waving fingers,
I accept all the land might send for me to gather in

I am a joyful child
with yellow butterflies and shining dragonflies about my face
with industrious burrowers beneath my feet

when startled, I shudder with a burst of flapping crows
but I am reassured by the meadowlarks,
the soft brush of breeze, and singing bees

I am the Purple Poppy Mallow
I am the Pearly Everlasting
I am the Yellow Evening Primrose

go out beyond your fence, your gate,
past the ramshackle barn,
the silent plow

look for the end to the path, and go farther
look for the vole, the shrew, the spittlebug,
the winding garter snake, the leaping orange fox

look for the place where rabbits hide and wild begins
let go of all in you that has been tamed
and I will take you in

* * * * *

Victoria Twomey is a poet and an artist. Her work is written in a direct style, reflecting both a deep emotional well and an intellectual exploration of time, death, and their spiritual connections. She has appeared as a featured poet at various venues around Long Island, NY, including the Hecksher Museum of Art, The Poetry Barn, Barnes & Noble, The Pisces Cafe, Borders Books, and local radio. Her poems have been published in several anthologies and on the web, including Sanctuary Magazine, BigCityLit, PoetryBay and Autumn Sky Poetry Daily. Her poem "Pieta" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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