Tuesday, 5 October 2021


Dear Pluto
            ~ on the 91st anniversary of your discovery

by Suzanne Allen

Things have changed
again. When I heard the news
you belong
after all, I wondered
if you wanted to. Do you
even care?

I feel sad for being the center
of my own universe while never
really giving you much thought
back then, cast out as you were
so unfairly.
You’ve always been
so distant and small. So I’m sorry.

I can’t say I understand, but
even from here the sun is no more
than a star with an entourage.

* * * * *

Suzanne Allen is a teacher from Southern California. She holds an MFA from the CSU in Long Beach, and her poems have appeared widely in journals, magazines and anthologies, both in print and online, some have even won awards, but this past year-and-a half, the newest ones have mostly only been written on postcards and mailed near and far; not coincidentally, her first full-length collection, We Wash Our Hands, is newly available on Amazon.com. She also has two chapbooks: verisimilitude from corrupt press (2011) and Little Threats from Picture Show Press (2018).


  1. I'm over the moon that you accepted THIS poem, really. It's on the back cover of my brand new book. Thanks for giving me a reason to launch today <3