Sunday 10 October 2021


The Nightingales Sang in Berkeley Square

by Sandy Rochelle

I entered the elevator knowing it would change everything.
I could hear the song—'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.'
A small child was distressed and crying.
I bent down to comfort him and saw a face unlike any
I have ever encountered.
His blond hair wisps of spun gold.
He kissed me and said that he had been waiting for me.
That was why he was crying.
He said he loved me and caressed all of me.
I said to him—'you are an angel,'
He said—'we are all angels.' 
As we left this ethereal space reason lost its meaning.
The mind was still at last.

* * * * * 
Sandy Rochelle is a widely published poet, actress and filmmaker. She hosted the television series, 'On Our Own', winner of the President's Award. Publications include Black Poppy Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Potato Soup Journal, Wild Word, Poetic Sun, and others.


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