Thursday 7 October 2021


Warning Signs

by Amber Bradbury

I suppose I should have guessed
from my nausea in the mornings,
and my tender swollen breasts
ought to have been enough warning.

But I was only twenty-two
and ignored the lethargy by noon
and had ‘better things to do’
than count the phases of the moon.

I suppose I should have noticed
the unopened box of tampons, 
and if I’d been a little more focussed
then perhaps I would have used the condoms.

And was there something I’d forgotten to take?
But really what difference could one missed pill make?

* * * * *

Amber Bradbury lives in Norfolk, UK and is currently studying for a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature with the Open University. She is also working on compiling her first chapbook and a collection of short stories. Her first flash fiction story, ‘Waiting for the Snow’, was featured in Litro magazine and her first piece of poetry, ‘Bluebeard’s Wife,’ was published in September’s issue of Carmina Magazine.

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