Friday, 18 June 2021

Poem from an Angel

by Sandy Rochelle

I move forward through the apathy that has become
My life.
A rock falls, I do not move.
I rely on strangers for my daily bread.
Held down by mists and storms, I bide my time.
Waiting to walk on clouds with angels.
I could you know.
I fall asleep; an angel comes to me and takes my hand.
Lose all judgement.
I have lived a lifetime of contrition.
The angel whispers slowly in my ear.
'I am your salvation as you are mine.'
These are the lessons to be learned.
I lift my mask once more.
The angel says.
''Without you I am surely lost.
But, without me your masks are ever on.
Your trumpets will not be heard.
And divinity is forever beyond your reach.''

* * * * * 

Sandy Rochelle lives in Englewood, New Jersey with her son, David. She is a widely published poet, actress and filmmaker. Her publications include Wild Word, Ekphrastic Review, Dissident Voice, Flashfictionnorth, Spillwords  Press, Every Day Poet, Amethyst Review, Formidable Woman, Impspired Magazine, Finishing Line Press, and others.

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