Thursday, 17 June 2021


Thinking of the Soul

by Sandy Rochelle

Do not look for your soul 
In things you do not know.
Do not look for your soul in things you know.
Do not look inside yourself or out.
Do not worry about what you lose in death.
If you cannot name it in life.
We are what we cannot name.
Come with me on such a day and live,
Unnamed forever.

* * * * * 

Sandy Rochelle lives in Englewood, New Jersey with her son, David. She is a widely published poet, actress and filmmaker. Her publications include Wild Word, Ekphrastic Review, Dissident Voice, Flashfictionnorth, Spillwords Press, Every Day Poet, Amethyst Review, Formidable Woman, Impspired Magazine, Finishing Line Press, and others.

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