Friday, 5 February 2021


Wandering Mind

by Phrieda Bogere

Nothing is certain.
I thought Id be
used to change
But in light of recent events,
Just hearing the phrase
Makes me fearful.

Life is fragile.
What we have can
Be lost in a minute.
And we can suddenly
Be thrown into the challenge
Of moving forward as if
Things are still the same.

Ive learned to hold on
To the smallest things.
And love them like
Its the last time.
Because Ill never know
When that day is coming.

* * * * *

Phrieda Bogere is a writer and blogger. She has written poetry for years before making the decision to share her work with a wider audience. When she isn't writing, she loves exercising, getting lost in a good book, and binge watching television on the weekends. She takes inspiration from her own life and credits poetry in helping her find her voice.

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