Tuesday, 2 February 2021


Temporary Farewell

by Judith Michaels Safford

in honor of Rufus L. Safford’s passing 12/10/2020

The faded red panels of this corral
are closing in.
Frail and ragged hooves
stomp and bang –  less often.

His gray and drooping mane looms
closer to the earth.

This corral daily failed to contain the spirit
of this maddening, lovable,
wild stallion.

Pounding thunder of his splendid herd
vibrate the threshold's invitation
like a ceremonial drum beat

just  one step
just  one step
just  one –  step

to run and roam
the fields and hills heaven has ordered
for this tender –  wild one

One by one the barriers dissolve
into dust from whence they came.

* * * * *

In 2006, Judith Michaels Safford discovered a radio program on writing poetry. She mustered up the courage to press the send button. The invitation to read her words opened a door that had not previously existed. Judith self-published her memoir in 2009. Don’t Sell Your Soul, Memoir of a Guru Junkie. Her second book, Joyful Surrender, A pilgrimage, is a book of prayer poems. She has shared her poetry with many fellow poets as featured reader and at open mic in Silver City, NM, Her home is in Glenwood, New Mexico.

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