Thursday, 17 December 2020

Fading Orb

by Charlotte Hamrick

My gaze was always captured by the pale moon

mark on your bottom lip. It rested just right 
of the full crescent curve,
beckoning a fingertip touch or 
taste of tongue. Was it there 
from birth or a scar from a mad lover’s 
bite? Sometimes I see it late at night shining 
just below the ceiling of my bedroom, 
a fading orb from another life.

* * * * *

Charlotte Hamrick’s creative work has been published in numerous online and print journals, most recently including The Citron Review, Flash Frontier, and Emerge Journal and was a Finalist in Micro Madness 2020. She reads for Fractured Lit and was the former CNF Editor for Barren Magazine. She lives in New Orleans with her husband and a menagerie of rescued pets.


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