Friday, 4 December 2020


by Sand Pilarski

On my doorstep
So different
After so many years
Than when we were...

A split second
of confusion
Then loud exclamations
Like when we were ...

Your hair longer
Mine much grayer
You and I changed our shapes
From when we were...

Both of us changed;
Other careers.
Retired from battlefields
Fought when we were...

Peace ascendant,
Calmer spirits
Unlike the memories
Of when we were...

Much wiser now
Staid, yet happy
No foolishness afoot
As when we were...

And promising
To stay in touch,
We vow to remember
That when we were...

We rode the wind
We strode the earth
We were invincible
Yes, when we were ...

We say goodbye
Our wild gusts of laughter
Oh! When we were...

Your smile is just
As beautiful
As when our glasses clinked
Back when we were...

* * * * *

"...Young" was first published on Piker Press.

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