Tuesday 6 October 2020

Sky's Edge

by Molloy Foppiano

Oh I am stranded on the sky’s wonderous edge;
soaring through the skies at intense speeds I'll never come down.
The breeze flits through my lashes flicking them open,
letting them flutter like the birds beside me.
I am one with it.
I exist in the wind the same it does me.
I breathe and out pours pools of clouds that swirl beneath my feet and fill the brims of the town below.
They are low and deserve to feel such highs;
such beautiful beginnings; what an amazing feeling it is to be truly in and out with time and earth.

* * * * *

Molloy is a 17 year old writer who has just begun the journey that is poetry and creative writing. Like most writers she imparts personal experiences into her work. This ranges from her struggles with anorexia to a recent bipolar diagnosis to the ludicrously simple woes of time. She is currently and will always be growing into the edges that writing has to offer her.

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