Saturday, 31 October 2020

On this lovely Halloween Blue Moon, this month's Moon Prize, the sixty-second, goes to Raine Geoghegan's poem "The Lungo Drom.

The Lungo Drom*

by Raine Geoghegan

blistered feet.

She walked
over stone

on grass
through thicket and brush
in water,
flowers and mud.

Her hair grew long,
flowing like a river.
Tiny silvery fish latching
onto each tendril,
longing for the open sea.

At night
she slept in bushes, caves, beside trees.
She dreamt of fire.

She drank from streams,
picked heather, lavender, rosemary for healing,
exchanged them for bread,
kept on walking.

Her hair turned white.
Her bones thinned.
Her body bent over
and her eyes grew weak.
Still she kept on moving.

One early morning under a mottled sky
she stopped.
The moon shone in her body.
Light fell on the ground
and she knew
this was her atchin tan.

* * * * *

Romani jib (words):  The lungo drom  -  the long road; Atchin tan  -  stopping place/home

"The Lungo Drom" was previously published in the Words of the Wild anthology 2018.

Raine Geoghegan, MA is a poet and prose writer of Romany, Irish and Welsh descent living in the Malvern Hills, UK. She is a Pushcart Prize, Forward Prize and Best of the Net 2018 nominee. Her work has been published internationally in print and online with:
Poetry Ireland Review; Under the Radar; The Travellers’ Times and many more. Her first pamphlet, Apple Water: Povel Panni was launched in December 2018 and previewed at Ledbury Poetry Festival in July 2018. Her latest pamphlet, they lit fires: lenti hatch o yog is out now with Hedgehog Press.


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