Monday, 5 October 2020

Before Andromeda can swallow us

by Molloy Foppiano

Before Andromeda can swallow us
expand our stars,
spider-web our intricacies,
contract the void,
suffocate the noise with an unknown silence

Before 115 images of home
that were etched into plates of gold
can be displayed
crash and burn

The spitting,

gingham madonnas 
and linen mariners
whose cars fill the expressway
in a snapshot of the year of ‘77
will drive to the ends of the earth
and carve their existence
into the tables
in the bars that swallowed them whole

And the New-Age Poets will follow the curves
and the lines
left by those forgotten Authors
as they enjoy their final meal
before the blackhole consumes

* * * * *


Molloy is a 17 year old writer who has just begun the journey that is poetry and creative writing. Like most writers she imparts personal experiences into her work. This ranges from her struggles with anorexia to a recent bipolar diagnosis to the ludicrously simple woes of time. She is currently and will always be growing into the edges that writing has to offer her.


  1. Another day in the galaxy-eat-galaxy cosmos. A twofer today: and the bio is infinitely the sweeter!