Thursday, 16 July 2020

In Memory Of....

by Amy Ballard Rich

Ghosts surround me,
sipping me down
with my coffee
as I sit on my deck
bathing in red spring leaves,
blossoms, flowers,
and new light green tips
of fir tree boughs

Sitting on my deck
is my homage to the fallen,
my 30-minute jog around the house
doesn't shake them loose,
the dust on my car
remembers their breath

The fallen dying alone,
maybe saying goodbye
into a tablet or phone,
now keep me company,
alongside my sips of coffee

My breath in and out,
still going strong,
tells me not to complain
that I cannot hug my friends,
or read a poem at a mic

The ghosts linger
on the rim of my coffee cup,
tricking my ears into hearing
a far-off lawn mower
sounding like a wheezing lung,
struggling on a ventilator

My stillness is my small homage,
my silence is my sign of respect
my breath is my reminder,
that although surrounded by ghosts,
I am still alive

* * * * *

Amy Ballard Rich's work can be found in many anthologies, including Mermaid Mirror and Milvia Street Art and Literary Journal. When not writing she can be found advocating for social justice, and hugging trees.

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  1. "my breath is my reminder" Each one the more precious.