Friday 3 July 2020

Dance Until...

by Georgianne Cowan

Dance until the wild one is sprung from its cage
 Dance until gravity drops its stilettos
Dance until uncertainty becomes a tuning fork
Dance until the mannequins step down from their displays
Dance until fear inherits a spear from anger
Dance until perfection rests its case
Dance until aging is the standard for beginning again
Dance until the gates of heaven fly open
Dance until joy becomes the new normal
Dance until there are no more excuses not to
Dance until the jester is invited to tea with the king
Dance until you have no idea you're dancing
Dance until you’ve promised everything and nothing
Dance until yesterday and tomorrow become right now
until, when all is said and done
all that remains

* * * * *

Georgianne Cowan is the author/editor of The Soul of Nature (Doubleday). She also is a poet and meditative movement pioneer with decades experience teaching and performing. Her creative passion is empowering others to access their emotional/spiritual and mythic landscape through movement, conscious embodiment and playful inquiry. Much of her poetry reflects the exquisitely random play of the psyche through expressive movement.  She has performed, directed and produced numerous events. She is the Chair of the Los Angeles Dance Collective and is currently writing a book on a heroine’s journey into the underworld.

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  1. Yeah! Love the sentiment, the range and the design!