Saturday 1 February 2020

Dancing in the Dark 

by Tiffany Renee Harmon

There will be no music tonight
instead we'll dance in silence
listening only to our own heartbeats.
And after a while of swaying in tandem
I'll notice we're not quite in sync
I keep trying to follow the stars
wishing I, too, could be nearly enveloped
by unending darkness.
But you, your mistake was following me.
You've always belonged to the morning
and dawn's warmth is coming soon enough.
I won't be going with you into the light.
My place has always been here with the shadows.
You whisper that we're the perfect pair
after all, shadows can't exist without the light.
I'll pause to consider the contrast
expectancy beaming across your face.
But again, just like last time
I'll turn away and sink deeper into night
until I'm in that place even your rays can't explore.

* * * * *

Tiffany Renee Harmon is a poet and artist based out of Cincinnati, OH. She has an MFA from Lindenwood University, and her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Poetry Quarterly, Page&Spine, and Third Wednesday. Learn more about her at

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