Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Chimera of Summer

by Katherine L. Gordon

Summer dreams peeled away
from an old decaying boat,
a once-vessel of sun and water mating
in the abandon of wave sparkle
a rowing into islands of escape.

Now disabled and dying,
remnants of cabin command
sag of stair mounts and rails
that still suggest in aura
their response to a confidence of captaining.

In the snows that follow all of summer chimera
there are footprints preserved,
they lead limply away,
no return of days allowed.

* * * * *

"A Chimera of Summer" is from Katherine L. Gordon's new collection Wing-Wishing: Of Unicorns, Ravens and Wolves (Melinda Cochrane Publications Inc., 2019).

Katherine L. Gordon is a poet, author, publisher, judge and reviewer. Her work has been translated into several languages. She has many books, chapbooks and anthology collections with talented peers whose works inspire her. She promotes poetry as a unifying force around the globe.

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