Monday 4 November 2019


by Lainie Belcastro

He came into my life like a bolt of lightning, a storm full of thunder,

With a downpour of all the words I wanted to hear.

He instinctively knew I thrived in the sun,

So, he warmed me with his body and we became one.

But then, clouds appeared and like the wind his feelings scattered in so many directions,

Leaving me lost in the fog.

* * * * *

Lainie Belcastro is a published writer in many genres. Her poems have been published in the inspirational blogspot Writing In A Woman’s Voice and by Guardian Angel Publishing's creative E-zine magazine for children. Her worldwide children’s book, Harriet’s Heartbroken Heart, released by Guardian Angel Publishing, co-authored by her daughter, Nika, and illustrated by Jack Foster, is a healing book for children experiencing grief.  Another children’s book is contracted for a future release. Lainie's uplifting stories can be found in many of the motivational Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  She is co-creator of the trademarked Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots & Twig and the Patching Hearts wellness programs for children. As a guest speaker, she encourages her wide audiences to "see something beautiful every day!" Lainie holds many titles in the arts, but her most treasured title is mom! Visit her at

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  1. That's how it goes sometime--moments of wine of roses--out of the fog, back into the fog.