Monday, 25 November 2019


by Sheree La Puma

                                                At 57, she opened the door
                                                To an eagle,
                                                Cupbearer to the Gods,
                                                A boyish beauty.
                                                Without regret they frolicked
                                                Throughout the kitchen, among
                                                The copper cookware, baskets of
                                                Oranges and green plums.
                                                The scent of lilac
                                                On the counter,
                                                Composing together,
                                                A dance of triumph,
                                                Legs entangled as they sang
                                                “Oh ecstasy, oh lover of mine.”
                                                Forgetting for an hour
                                                The holes
                                                In the fisherman’s net.
                                                “Love hath reason, reason none”
                                                And they clenched
                                                Each other
                                                Savoring the intensity
                                                As if it
                                                Was the end,
                                                Knowing her husband
                                                Was due back

* * * * *

"Tryst" was originally published in MadSwirl. 

Sheree La Puma is an award-winning writer whose personal essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in or are forthcoming in Juxtaprose, Heron River Review, The Ruumpus, and The London Reader among others. She received an MFA in Writing from California Institute of the Arts and taught poetry to former gang members.

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