Thursday, 11 July 2019


by Lainie Belcastro

I had finally reached that stage of life, when I was comfortable in putting my games on a shelf.
My body was worn like the cardboard boxes of games stacked away collecting dust.
I was fine with that….I didn’t need to be a player anymore.
But then, there he was, so excited to remove the cover of a game I never played, and he wanted to play.
So unexpected, yet expected because his excitement made me want to play with him too.
Is that possible?  In my undefined love life, yes.
I guess it’s all about timing and my clock is ticking.
I thought I had no more time for games, but together, we are best at that and take whatever time we have to play with each other.
He makes a move, I make another, I go, he comes, he goes, I come, discovering new ways to play at this game that makes us both winners! 

* * * * *

"Playmates" is dedicated to all the older but wiser women who are thankful for their long and lovely lives and content to live with their memories. Until that one unexpected day, someone special comes along and makes them realize there are still games to be played and won!

Lainie Belcastro is a published writer in many genresHer recent worldwide children’s book, Harriet’s Heartbroken Heart, released by Guardian Angel Publishing, co-authored by her daughter, Nika, and illustrated by Jack Foster, is a healing book for children experiencing grief. Another children’s book is contracted for a future release. Her inspirational stories can be found in many of the motivational Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Lainie is co-creator of the trademarked Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots & Twig, and the Patching Hearts healing programs for children. As a motivational speaker, she encourages her wide audiences to "see something beautiful everyday!" She holds many titles in the arts, but her most treasured title is mom! Visit her at


  1. Thank you Beate for believing in my thoughts, words and rhyme...lainie