Thursday, 18 July 2019


by Katherine L. Gordon

I dream a wee house in the woods,
no ever-cheery staff checking
to see if in-mates still alive,
have they filled out menus
have they joined bus tours
to places to see again...and again.
I curl up in familiar chair
brought from house where I really lived,
read books of escape
plots of solo adventure,
assure them all is well
while I secretly pack and plan:
emigration, vanishings to unmapped islands
where no one dies alone
because the ever-shifting sea
will lap them.

* * * * *

"Escape" is from Katherine L. Gordon's poetry collection Caution: Deep Water.  

Katherine L. Gordon is a rural Ontario poet, publisher, judge, editor and reviewer, working to promote the voices of women poets around the world, as they are now flowering into acclaim. She has many books, chapbooks, anthologies and collaborations with fine contemporaries whose work inspires her. Her collection, Caution: Deep Water, deals with the shock of leaving one’s home for the cultural phenomenon of retirement homes, expensive ghettoes for the vulnerable elderly. Her poems have been translated and awarded internationally. 

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  1. These words will accompany me from here on during my morning walks, which carry me around "The Sanders Loop," a beautifully maintained, crassly expensive retirement/nursing/hospice campus on which, be assured, I shall gladly abet the escape of any "resident" I might encounter.