Tuesday, 30 July 2019


by Eve West Bessier

If I could take a sabbatical,
a leave with pay for rejuvenation,

I would seek out a wild habitat
for my too tamed mind,
a place with elevation, a wide view,
a few cedar and juniper trees,
an aspen grove on a high slope.

A place where sunlight plays
on granite and the emerald skins of lakes.

A place where I can breathe thinner air,
bathe in alpine coolness,
and remember from where I came,

and remember my own name,

and remember the nature
of the golden ratio,
and the shape of change.

* * * * *

Illustration by Eve West Bessier

Eve West Bessier is an award-winning author of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. She is Poet Laureate of Silver City, New Mexico. She is also a Poet Laureate Emerita of Davis, California. Eve holds a Master of Education from UC Davis, and a BA in English from San Francisco State University. She is a social scientist, studio musician, jazz vocalist, voice coach, visual artist, and nature enthusiast. You can find more information, including performance videos and recordings on her website. www.jazzpoeteve.com

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  1. You say you have a "too tamed mind," but the heart of this poem would emphatically disagree.