Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Marry Me

by Alyssa M. Isaac

The wedding day has come
and gone Bride Barbie,
and now you are still
a bright eyed girl with
a painted on smile.
I do not know
how you do it Barbara
I certainly would not
look like you
if the man I wanted
to call mine
did not show up
to marry me,
but you did not want
anyone to mention that
did you?
you expected everyone
to just clam up
and put on a sincere smile
just like you.
I have difficulty
with that though
because unlike you
I have memories
to tell
for instance, I clearly remember
that day.
The dress
for the occasion
was spring casual
since I had on cream colored sandals
and a black floral dress
that had rainbow buds
that just pop right out
at you.
You wore the same dress that you are wearing today,
only then it was
a crisp silken netted knit
instead of the dusty dirt tinged
mess that it is now.
What caught my attention
was a diamond cut button
on the back of your dress
that when pushed
played a chimed
“here comes the bride.”
Cold feet Ken did not hear
the song though.
The last time I saw him
he was wearing
Hawaiian inspired swim trunks
and seemed too busy being
boxed up
in his own plastic world,
which may I add looked like
a backdrop in Malibu.
Well, needless to say
I knew who was on his mind
at the time,
but if I were you
I would not worry too much
about Malibu Stacey
after all she is just
an L.A. shop girl.
Ken however is the doll
to get mad at, that is why I cannot
understand how after all this time
you can just sit still and smile.
Maybe I am missing something,
perhaps I am not one
to judge after all.
One day I may be
just like you
sitting pretty,
having to paint on a smile
while feeling
empty inside.

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