Thursday, 10 January 2019


by Jeannie E. Roberts

Stock-still, poised in silhouette, a trio stands
in frozen silence. When they move forward,

step slowly―like leashes, their shadows pull
them toward open water.

Yesterday, two marched the distance to meet
two others, a coffee klatch

rife with conversation. I wonder, do they gossip,
denigrate the gaggle, honk and cackle—

spread rumors, conduct whispering campaigns?
Or, do they fly higher, travel an expansive path,

one that's sweeping and feathered with acceptance?
I choose to believe the latter.

Unlike humanity, equality exists here, after all
what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Jeannie E. Roberts has authored four poetry collections, including The Wingspan of Things (Dancing Girl Press, 2017), Romp and Ceremony (Finishing Line Press, 2017), Beyond Bulrush (Lit Fest Press, 2015), and Nature of it All (Finishing Line Press, 2013). She is also the author and illustrator of Rhyme the Roost! A Collection of Poems and Paintings for Children (forthcoming from Daffydowndilly Press, an imprint of Kelsay Books, 2019) as well as Let's Make Faces!a children's book dedicated to her son (author-published, 2009). She is Poetry Editor of the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs and a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.

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