Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Orchid

by Eileen Murphy

How does she survive--
out in the cold,
roots naked?

Survive the rains
by combing her hair,

ruining it with an early sunset,
a razor
that erases, erases?

Geckos scamper
when disturbed, but
the orchid won’t budge,
stubbornly refusing to die.

She keeps roots well-braced,
braiding them with leaves
and seeds

while her flowery future
sleeps in bare beds.

* * * * *

A former Chicagolander, Eileen Murphy now lives 30 miles from Tampa. She received her Masters degree from Columbia College, Chicago. She teaches literature and English at Polk State College in Lakeland and has recently published poetry in Thirteen Myna Birds, Tinderbox (nominated for Pushcart Prize), Yes Poetry, The American Journal of PoetryRogue AgentDeaf Poets Society, and other journals. Her website is

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