Sunday, 15 April 2018


by Katherine L. Gordon

Beneath starkening trees
in a storm of time
the god of the underworld calls me,
shaking the earth in a rage of longing.
Sun-days mirage into caverns of dark.
Doubting renewal I hide in light dapples
while tongues of angels
fill my ears, stop my cries,
swirl me into familiar arms
of cold unknown.
In the cauldron of granite
I carve my fears,
the earth stands still
stops all motion...
solstice of being.
What will emerge to be recognized?
Everything dissolves in the melt of time
only the fear of nothing
Laser-light speeding down
the uncaring corridors of time
I breathe in Joan of Arc
exhale the Titans.

* * * * *

Katherine L. Gordon is a rural Ontario poet, publisher, judge, editor and reviewer, working to promote the voices of women poets around the world, as they are now flowering into acclaim.  She has many books, chapbooks, anthologies and collaborations with fine contemporaries whose work inspires her.  Her poems have been translated and awarded internationally.  Latest book: Piping at the End of Days (Valley Press).

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