Sunday, 8 April 2018

a love poem to canis familiaris

by Lisa Fields

I wonder if you sensed
the consequence
agreeing to be domesticated
in your eyes,
a spark of wildfire
the tale
of our co-evolution
devotion to you is easy
despite my struggle with your language
you have become hard wired
through these 10,000 years
to read human emotions
the haze of dancing molecules
encircling me
unseen by other humans
at times
overwhelms you
I see it in the rapid lift of your eyebrows
the quick shifting of the whites of your eyes
wisdom leads you to rest
unless I fail you
and push with primate
I can only look at the places
you bound to
never ridiculing my awkward form
how slow I am in learning
to understand you
in this cumbersome awareness
I find gladness
in honoring your primal need
the deer leg in the yard,
tearing of rabbit flesh
the deep quiet of your rest
satin chin on my leg
the awe of your

* * * * *

Lisa Fields is a contract agricultural journalist for Professor Quirine Ketterings, and occasionally others at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

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