Sunday 4 March 2018

The High Priestess

by H.V. Cramond

Cassandra closes her eyes
explains again how rain is formed
in a cloud
not belly
but superstition
will take          hold
body of war

this form conquers
into hail her
prophecies of falling   silver
sighs on the face of a tank
over airwaves in Arabic

the alliances are lies
the enemy is elected

how jobs are made      she says          
and marriages

her voice travels but does not translate
the operator is monolingual:
if it is a woman she must be
calling for help           
he loved          Princess
Leia she's got a lot of spunk
spit in the mouth of the snake

* * * * *

H.V. CRAMOND is the founding Poetry Editor of Requited Journal and a yoga teacher. Tenure Track, the musical she co-wrote with Cayenne Sullivan was featured in the Premier Premieres festival of new musicals in June 2016. Some recent and forthcoming work can be found in Soundless Poetry, Ignavia, death hums, Crack the Spine, BlazeVOX, Menacing Hedge, Adanna, So to Speak, Thank You for Swallowing, Dusie, Masque & Spectacle, Matter, and elsewhere. You can read more of her writing at

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