Tuesday, 13 March 2018

In Pieces

by Nancy Gerber

with your chiseled
good looks

blue eyes,
sharp blade.

When you
my son’s skin,
in the cold O.R. light.


He is yours just
for a moment.

His blood once fused with mine.

Now he’s prone,
asleep on cold hard metal. 
A fallen prince. 

Your hands, precise
as time
knit him together.

While I,
my heart flapping
like a barnyard

hen, wait for
the block.

* * * * *

Nancy Gerber has published fiction, poetry, and essays in various literary journals, including Mom Egg ReviewAdanna, Persimmon Tree, and others.  Her newest book, a collection of short stories entitled A Way Out of Nowhere, is due out from Big Table this spring.

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