Friday, 30 March 2018

Rosie’s Bones

by Cheryl Sommese

A raven hovered in the haze above—
hastening fate.

She had always been a strong girl,
dragging me about the yard
as if I were
a vitamin deficient child
stricken with rickets:
a rod-lined spine arbitrarily
while shaky legs
and slender yet sturdy arms
fortuitously manage 
to subdue
such enviable brawn.

Her indoor persona was
markedly different,
meekness overrode native impulses
as mysticism channeled her
impressively strapping form:
profound wisdom telepathically
transmitting tales on
limitless affection
and valor 
and selflessness
and kindliness
and even loss.

But it’s her bones that resonate
in my head,
revealing merely a shadow of what used
to be.
Thwarting all promise of Supernatural Sundays,
she bravely albeit reluctantly
to journey beyond
our love.

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