Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Artist As Bear

by Jane Yolen

In the softness of the year,
she follows green trails.
Stands by the rush of river
drags silver fish into her mouth.
Summer berries spurt
between her long teeth.
Wind tickles her back.
She meets with other bears
in warning and worry.

In the harshness of the year
she travels in dreams,
cave her curtain.
She feasts on her own belly,
gives birth to herself,
nurses without thought.
Dark contains her,
sustains her, keeps her safe.
She slims down to the real,
finds meaning in night.

Bear knows: to journey out,
she must first journey in.
An old story, but a true one.

* * * * *

Jane Yolen, author of 360+ books (actual number) including 8 books of adult poetry. Much of her work is for young readers, but she has a number of novels, essay collections, and pedagogical books for adult as well.

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