Friday, 2 February 2018

The Lady of the Lake

By Joan Leotta

Each time I pass a lake, a pond, even a puddle, I am tempted to lean over and lose myself in whatever depths there are. When Arthur threw back his sword, I clasped it and pulled it back under with me, awaiting the next worthy one. Alas. Years passed. No one came to the shore, no one who was worthy.

Above the waters, I could see reflections of the world of land as bits and pieces of history passing over me. It was the planes that called me out, the aircraft of the Great War. Strange name for something that is never "great." Curious, I pulled myself out of the waters and rested in the sunlight. 

As I gazed up at the clouds, reveled in the warmth of the sun, so long denied me in the water, I decided to remain out of the water. I left the sword buried in the lake's cold muddy bottom. I do not need it to succeed, for in truth, it is I who gave it any power mythology attributed to its steel and jewels. It is my wit and wisdom that sharpen Excalibur's blade; my brightness that emanates through its jewels.

Now, emerged, I wander through the world bestowing my gifts, wielding my power, in the intertwined causes of love and justice.

Evildoers beware. Though there is no anointed king wielding the SWORD, I, the Lady of the Lake, am out, abroad, wielding Excalibur's power myself and showing others how to find their own strength.

* * * * *

Joan Leotta,, is an author and story performer. Her books include Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice, Secrets of the Heart, historical fiction in Legacy of Honor Series, Simply a Smilea collection of short stories, and WHOOSH!—a picture book.

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