Wednesday 15 February 2017

Just Being ME

by Sheena Singh

Looking at the mirror
I pondered at the reflection:
the time line of my life
flashed before my eyes…

I spent my entire life
believing in being right
fighting against all odds,
the dark and the mighty..
standing up for justice.

I was being someone
who's just upright..
I was being someone
who’s just ME..

Most call it a gift
being brave to fight
against all odds..
I thought it a rift;

In my plans to have
everyone besides me
I lost the love of those
who mattered most to me…

I sang and I preached
with all my heart,
that it was the only part
of who I was meant to be.

The day I would know
I can never let go
of my rage for perfection;
I know I'll be fine
and to God I'm near...

I just wanted love,
this gift of obsession
for everything that’s sane
seemed a curse from above!

Shall I pretend not to hear
nor see or feel
the vice of being right?
block my conscience
else my pains shall double?

The Lord made it clear
that i grow stronger..
the good, the bad, the ugly
would add to my strength.

Be aware who you are.
from yourself, do not hide
The truth cannot hide
forever in lies.
Thank you God
for making me see,
that I'm good enough
if I just be ME...

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