Tuesday, 7 February 2017

January 21, 2017        

by Kit Goldpaugh

those who can march, do.
those who can’t, knit.
nobody asked are you going. 
cast on sixty pink stitches
we asked where, how, when. 
knit three, purl two, knit two
we link arms, raise fists, wear hats.
at the end of the row, purl three.

by car, by bus, by train we
repeat the pattern of row one, starting with purl
converge with purpose
repeat the pattern for four inches
respect Mother Earth
knit a row
we are her daughters
purl a row
fear us
repeat for eight inches
around the globe
                                                            repeat pattern from first four inches
on corners and bridges and parks      
cast off
march the women
fold knitting inside out
stitch sides together
in pink pussy caps
.                       poke out the ears

* * * * *

Kit Goldpaugh is a retired middle school English teacher and member of the Writing Gals.

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