Wednesday, 16 November 2016


by Alexis Rhone Fancher

“Trembling, like Paris, on the brink of an obscure and formidable
revolution.” —Victor Hugo

It feels like a competition. I lay between the two of them, sweltering, like Paris in
August. Gene’s lanky six foot four inches hangs off the foot of the bed, Bretts
dancer-body liquid, compact, is curled into mine, his hard need pressed against my
thigh. Im not sure how I ended up here, in love with a man who wants me to fuck
his best friend while he watches. Now the three of us crowd in my too-small bed. I
stare at a black and white photo of Montmartre on the ceiling. Brett trembles like
needle to the pole. Van Morrison’s on the radio, having sex in the green grass with
the brown-eyed girl. The ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise, but were all
sweating. I should have moved the beds together when my roommate moved out,
but its too late, now Gene’s spread my thighs, and pinned his best friend against
the wall, and now he says nothing while Brett watches him slam into me. I need
him to scream I love you! again and again like he did before. But Gene’s eyes are
locked with Brett’s. I see what I’m not meant to see; I am disposable, nothing more
than a deep hole. A hot rain pelts the bedroom window. Gene pours into me like
runoff. His tears look like raindrops on glass. I turn his face so he can see what he
is losing. I want him to watch his best friend as he arches his dancer’s back and
comes in my mouth, his spasms an arabesque. I pull back my hair and dip my head,
trembling, like Paris, on the brink of an obscure and formidable revolution.

* * * * *

©Alexis Rhone Fancher. First published in HOBART (2016)

Los Angeles poet, Alexis Rhone Fancher, is the author of How I Lost My Virginity to Michael 
Cohen and other heart stab poems, (2014), State of Grace: The Joshua Elegies, (2015), and 
Enter Here (forthcoming in 2017). She is published in Best American Poetry 2016, Rattle, 
Slipstream, Rust+Moth, streetcake, Hobart, Cleaver, Public Pool, H_NGM_N, Fjords Review, 
The MacGuffin, and elsewhere. Her photographs are published worldwide. A multiple Pushcart 
Prize and Best of The Net nominee, Alexis is poetry editor of Cultural Weekly, where she also 
publishes a monthly photo essay, “The Poet’s Eye,” about her on-going love affair with Los 
Angeles. Find her at:

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