Monday, 7 November 2016

but love (is memory)

by melanie j zipin

sometimes sadness washes over you
and you just stand in the rain and get soaked
blinded by grief masked in tears –

you don’t care
there’s nothing you want to see
nowhere you want to go
buckled – gutted by waves of pure sorrow
gulping in air

maybe that’s where you need to be
time is suspended
everything goes still
silent utters
forever changed

when the sun comes out, it’s unwelcome
and yet…
a baby cries – or laughs
and we respond
we must
we are still here
we are alive

we refocus
we engage
until it’s our turn to let go

this is what we’re made of -
this is what we’re left with - -
this is what we leave - - -

- stardust
- - broken hearts
- - - storm clouds

and whatever’s next

even memories can fade
but we know how they made us feel
what we are connected with

what can we take with us?
what do we leave behind?

nothing that will last.
nothing that is permanent
nothing at all
but love

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