Monday 18 April 2022


  About A Dog

   by Julie Wise

It began with a bang
maybe a whimper
I don’t remember

I do know that it ended
as it always does
words flung like bones to the dog
(we don’t have a dog)

Cue screen door slam
mosquito hum
simmering clouds
darkening sky

The sun will rise
(as it always does)
I will fill the holes you left
in the walls
(as I always do)
and clean up the debris from our
once upon a time

I wish we had a dog

* * * * *

Julie Wise is a writer from Ontario, Canada. Publications include articles in MOST magazine and Living Well magazine, a bi-monthly newspaper column on the environment, and several blogs. Her writing focuses on life, loss and the magic in between. She is currently querying her debut novel.


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