Tuesday 12 April 2022


by Marguerite G. Bouvard

For me there is no difference between
the inside and the outside; the green flames
of a large plant that is reaching for
the sky on my kitchen table, the trees
telling their stories of drought, rain,
the passage of wind through
their branches, the quiet music rising
from their infrasound. The fishermen
flinging their nets inside the sea responding
to the ebb and flow of tides, that also
take place inside ourselves, how
certain moments can lead us
to the mystery of infinity.

* * * * *

Marguerite G. Bouvard is the author of 12 poetry books, two of which have won awards including the MassBook Award for Poetry. She has also written a number of non-fiction books on women's rights, human rights, social justice, grief, and has just finished one, Healthcare Workers on the Frontline of the Pandemic. Her poetry collection The Cosmos of the Heart came out fall 2020. Her latest poetry collection Shades of Meaning came out February 2022.

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